A trio of children

I recently did a shoot in my studio with these three gorgeous siblings. Ivy aged 6, Rosa aged 4 and little Reggie aged 16 months.

All the plans I had in my head for the way the shoot would go were blown out of the water. These three little balls of energy came in and TOLD ME what they were wearing. Luckily, I have a vast wardrobe of little dresses here in the studio, so whatever they chose would be ok by me. Ivy did not argue with the big dress though, as soon as she saw it, her eyes lit up and she said, ‘am I going to be a Princess?’. Just magical.

It was manic in my studio, with Rosa pulling faces, having little styling tantrums over which head dress she was going to wear and whether the pearls would work with which dress. Mind of her own that one. I like that.

Eventually we got some photos of them all, so mum was happy. It was great fun and they all made me laugh.

The key to working with children is to be prepared (as much as you can be) but be prepared for that preparation to go out of the window when they get there. Keep shooting time short as some children have shorter attention spans. Get the shots you need and let them go. Parents are always on hand to make sure they don’t get up to mischief if you’re still working with another of the children.

With Reggie’s shots, we literally took 5 shots at the beginning and then he was whisked off by Dad. Then I could concentrate on the girls. I nearly lost my back drop and soft box a few times when Reggie ran into the stand, so best remove the chaos.

In short the order of the day for children’s photo shoots is; be flexible, be prepared for tantrums, be patient and you get there in the end.

I have included a couple of Rosa here pulling one of her many faces.

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